Llanddwyn Island – Pilot Cove

in , on 11 April 2019
by Brian Barnes

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Llanddwyn Island – Pilot Cove was filmed on an iPhone 1920×1080 pixels at 17mbs so, not one of our highest quality clips but I am sure you can agree quite sublime! Perfect for use in a compilation of Anglesey locations or to promote how beautiful the UK can be. The old lighthouse viewed from Pilot cove from a yacht anchored off Llanddwyn Island 30/08/2015 on Anglesey, Wales, UK. Loc:

53°08’06″N 4°24’38.16″W

As you can see it is an idyllic spot and we also have aerial footage of the area.

For a similar area see here https://sublimepictures.tv/downloads/holyhead-mountain-harbour/

For bespoke video footage check out our parent company https://www.activideo.co.uk

The clips can be found on YouTube too https://youtu.be/6oXV83sT1Sc.

The standard licence is included and covers online and social media usage. This would include YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram etc. It is a licence for one project but would cover multiple language versions if the length of the programme and the shots are the same. For different projects or re-versioning please take out another licence. It does not cover broadcast or feature films. Time period is valid for 2 years.

Includes 20% tax


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