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Uploading The Footage

in News on 15 December 2021

Well after ages I have finally got the stock site kick off. I have started the long process of uploading the footage. There will be a selection of themes from snow to aerials, sailing and much more. If you have a need tell us and we can tailor things to your needs. My idea has been to go off in my camper van or yacht and shoot some great shots that can enhance your production. But I will also be filming in and around Manchester, I hope to grow a great catalogue of Manchester images.

The site will grow organically I know it.


Use of the site:

The concept is simple, search and when you find something of interest you download the free clip with a watermark. When you have approval you can then buy the appropriate resolution. This will be the highest original and a 1920×1080 version. Mostly the highest original will be 6K or perhaps a 4K if it is from our mini2 drone. Going forwards we hope to bring even higher resolution.

If we have gone out specifically to film a setup then there will be a selection of shots and and edited version; often from ground and air. Great to finally have the stock site kick off but we will have a bigger push as we get more content up.


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