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About sublime pictures

Brian Barnes is Manchester based and at the heart of the company, he has a passion for the great outdoors and capturing Sublime Pictures in glorious 6K or 4k quality. He is a sailor, fell runner and if he is not up a hill or riding the waves he will be filming or both. After 40 years in the industry he is able to muster some of the top video professional in the industry to capture top imagery for you from drones and tripods. Yeah he is a bit old school and likes steady shots; wobbly cam doesn’t generate sublime pictures! If you can’t find what you need then contact our parent company Activideo Communications and they may be able to do some bespoke material for you.

Our Team


Brian Barnes

Founder, CEO


Kate Harvest

Freelance Camera/Drone


Andy Whitby

Freelance DOP/Camera


Mark Davenport

Freelance Director/Camera


Matt Jackson

Freelance Drone/Camera

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